Cococharcoal is premium coconut shell charcoal manifacturer which focuses on producing high quality and pure natural charcoal to develop strong market in the world. read more

Purely Coconut Shell

The cococonut shell can be used for source of charcoal. Cococharcoal uses best quality and special technique to produce high quality charcoal. No single tree was cut to produce coconut shell charcoal. Hence, the Cococharcoal product is environmental friendly. read more

Hookah and Shisha

Cococharcoal product is perfect choices for hookah and shisha application, as it simply deliver smooth taste with no oder, flameless, and very less ashes.read more


Cococharcoal product produces very less ashes. it does not need to to stir and knock off ash to maintain a consistent temperature. It will also ensure the meat is perfectly roasted, not burned. read more

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